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Samos Travelogue Part III: The South-West Route

This is the third route of Samos (from Karlovassi to Marathokambos area)

Click this link for the first route (the northern one) and this link for the second route (the southern one).


The main road from Karlovassi heading south is difficult to drive since it is full of turns amidst dense vegetation. It passes through between two mountains (Kerkis and Karvouni).

The largest village of South-Western Samos is Marathokambos. The village is full of old but stylish neighborhoods, large churches, nice small and picturesque streets, while overlooks the sea.

The main beaches of Marathokambos area are: Kampos Marathokambos, Chrisi Amos, Limnionas, and Balos Koumeika.

The main beaches

The port of Marathokambos, called Ormos Marathokambou, is full of fishermen and nets, during the winter, and taverns and tourists, during the summer. Next to Osmos Marathokambou is located Kambos Marathokambou, one of the most tourist areas of Samos! The beach is 2,5 km long with cold waters, many modern hotels and rooms to let, restaurants, and bars full of life! We believe you should visit all the beaches of Marathokambos area, but if you have to choose, then we strongly recommend Chrisi Amos and Limnionas.

From Marathokambos you can visit the magnificent and beautiful Kerkis Mountain. Signs point the way towards the famous Cave of Pythagoras.

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In front and in the back of Panagia Sarantaskaliotissa is located one of the many hundreds of caves of Samos, and one of the dozens “candidates” of being the hiding place of the philosopher Pythagoras, when he was persecuted, or so the legend goes, by the tyrant Polycrates of Samos.

Don’t forget to visit the cavernous church of Zoodochos Pigi in Kakoperato or you can go even further west to the villages of Kallithea and Drakei. Here… civilization ends and the wild comes forth: A wild mountain, a beautiful sea and the magnificent view of Fournoi and Ikaria Islands in the distance.

In Kallithea and Drakei villages live some 150 old folk and just a handful of younger people. Back in the old times, they use to build “trehadiria” (a type of fishing boat) in shipyards literally over the mountains! Today only two shipyards are preserved (in Drakei) plus one more in the harbor of Agios Isidoros.

We strongly recommend a visit to Panagia Makrini, located in Kerkis Mountain. The name “makrini” (literally “in the distance”) preoccupies the visitor negatively for the long distance, but it isn’t that way: From Kallithea village some 4 km walk in a paved way. At the end of your walk you’ll find Panagia Makrini in an impressive cave that dates back to the 13th century.

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East of Marathokambos is located the beautiful and picturesque village of Koumeika. Don’t miss the opportunity and enjoy your coffee in its lovely square. Balos Koumeika is the nearby beach, where you can dive and swim in its clear waters or you can enjoy your time in a nearby bar.

Equally beautiful is Platanos village. In fact local traditional songs praise its waters! “I wish I had water from Platanos, grapes from Kolona, I wish I had my love and kiss her in her mouth…”

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