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Visiting the Tunnel of Eupalinos

Visiting the Tunnel of Eupalinos

Undoubtedly the Tunnel of Eupalinos, the central part of the ancient aqueduct, is an admirable achievement of engineering worth seeing, however visitors should bear in mind that: The tunnel is 1036 m. long. The average dimensions are 1,80 m high and 1,80 m wide, but in some parts the height …

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A Rare Meteorological Phenomenon in Samos

Φωτο, Μανώλης Θράβαλος - Meteorological Phenomenon in Samos

The photographer Manolis Thravalos captured a rare meteorological phenomenon called Solar Halo. In Meteorology, Halo is called the optical phenomenon produced by solar or lunar light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, resulting in a wide variety of colored rings or arcs in the sky. Therefore there are …

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“Samos of Pythagoras and Vine”: A Documentary about Samos by Vassilis Katerinopoulos

Η Σάμος του Πυθαγόρα & της αμπέλου -Τα αμπέλια της Σάμου - Documentary about Samos

“SAMOS OF PYTHAGORAS AND VINE” is the title of a documentary about Samow directed by Vassilis Katerinopoulos. The documentary travels the viewer to Samos and offers a visual tour in the history, culture, and the simplicity of everyday people. Samians cultivate and produce wine, while working collectively through the local …

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“Heraia-Pythagorean” Festival 2015: The Events

Ηραία Σάμου

From 24 July until 19 September 2015 the “Heraia-Pythagorean” Festival will be held in the city of Pythagorion. The festival sought to represent the ancient feastival of Heraion. Program: Friday, 24 July 2015, Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion: “A Tribute to Melina Mercouri”. Starting Time: 21:00 Tina Alexopoulou will perform well-known …

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The Exhibition of Aleksandra Domanovic in Art Space Pythagorion of Samos


For sixth consecutive year, Schwarz Foundation invites young and talented artists, from all around the world, in Greece (Samos), for one week, in order to participate to an artistic co-existence, which aims to contribute to the notion of better understanding between diverse peoples, through art. As a platform of creative …

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Samos: European Capital of Culture 2021

Samos European Capital, Πολιτιστική πρωτεύουσα

Samos has decided to claim the owner and responsibility to win the title of the “European Capital of Culture 2021”. It is a higher goal and a great challenge for our island. So far, more than 10 Greek cities have announced their candidacy and are preparing feverishly the active participation …

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In Hereon Music Festival: Friday, 7 August 2015 with Nikos Portokaloglou

Ireon Music Festival,Νίκος Πορτοκάλογλου

This summer, the well-known singer Nickos Portokaloglou “gives us power” and along with the “Winged Guitars” boosts our summer nights. This year Nickos meets with his friends in a big music tour around Greece and Cyprus. He will perform a music program or a journey, if you like, in all …

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