Tuesday , January 26 2021
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Samos: European Capital of Culture 2021

Samos has decided to claim the owner and responsibility to win the title of the “European Capital of Culture 2021”.

It is a higher goal and a great challenge for our island. So far, more than 10 Greek cities have announced their candidacy and are preparing feverishly the active participation and contribution of their local communities, in order to respond to the terms and the conditions of this European challenge.

The deadline for submitting the application is October 23, 2015. Based on our history and culture, along with all the residents and friends of Samos, we begin a noble and collective effort, able and capable to upgrade and advance our island in comparison with Europe and the world, thereby launching a new era of development and prosperity for Samos.

 Everybody’s commitment and effort is absolutely necessary.

The Mayor of Samos, Michalis Angelopoulos


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