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Visiting the Tunnel of Eupalinos

Undoubtedly the Tunnel of Eupalinos, the central part of the ancient aqueduct, is an admirable achievement of engineering worth seeing, however visitors should bear in mind that:

The tunnel is 1036 m. long. The average dimensions are 1,80 m high and 1,80 m wide, but in some parts the height is as low as 1,50 m. and the width is as narrow as 0,42 m.

The rocky, uneven floor is wet and slippery in some areas and from the ceiling is dripping water in some parts. The temperature is 16,5 – 16,7°C (degrees Celsius) and the humidity is 85 – 97%.

Therefore overweight people, visitors suffering from claustrophobia, panic attacks, lumbago, cardiac or respiratory problems, spinal diseases, musculoskeletal disorders causing moving difficulties are strongly advised not to enter.

Visitors who, after the above, decide to visit the Tunnel, they will do so on their own responsibility. In case of an accident the Greek State will bear no responsibility.

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Visitors must not carry big bags; they should leave them at the entrance of the tunnel. Visitors doing the Itinerary 3 cannot carry any bags at all.

All visitors must wear protective helmets (provided) and closed flat, non slippery shoes. They should be in the entrance 00:10΄ earlier to wear their protective helmet.

For the present children less than 14 years old are not allowed inside the Tunnel. Young people between 14-18 years of age should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Guides must talk about the history of the Aqueduct outside the Tunnel. Inside the Tunnel they can only point out areas of interest.

Photography with a hand-held, non professional camera is allowed free of charge but the use of flash is forbidden. Professional photography or video are not allowed without a special permission issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports.

there are 3 ways to visit the Tunnel:

Itinerary length maximum number of people duration about difficulties
1. 185 m. 20 00:20΄ including return. In this part one can see all the construction details. a narrow stairway with steep, tall steps and a low and very narrow corridor 17 m. long, 1,55 m. high, 0,55 m. wide. Fairly easy after the corridor.
2. 424 m. 15 00:40΄ including return. One can see a cistern of byzantine period and the meeting point of the two working groups. All the above mentioned and  rocky, uneven floor, wet and slippery in some areas, and water dripping from the ceiling in some parts
3. 1036 m. 10 One hour, one way. One can see the whole tunnel and visit the spring and the cistern in Agiades. All the above and fatigue. Especially difficult is the passage through the north low, narrow corridor 197 meters long, 0,42 – 0,60 m. wide.  There are neither facilities, nor public transport from the north exit to the city. One has either to have prearranged for a car to wait for him, or to walk for about 00:45΄ minutes through a dirt path in order to reach the city of Pythagoreion.

Visiting hours

Τhe South Entrance to the Tunnel is about 2 klm from Pythagoreion and is accessible by car, or on foot. The North Entrance to the Tunnel is in the rural area of Agiades, it is not accessible by car and visitors will have to walk on a dirt road for about 00:20’. Make sure you get directions in advance. For information tel. +0030 22730 62 813

 Itinerary 1. Length 185 m. Duration about 00:20΄ including return. Groups of 20 people maximum.

At 08:40΄, 09:00΄, 09:40΄, 10:00΄, 10:40, 11:00΄, 11:40΄, 12:00΄, 12:40΄, 13:00΄, 13:40΄, 14:00΄, 14:40΄

Itinerary 2. Length 424 m. Duration about 00:40΄ including return. Groups of 15 people maximum. Visitors should book in advance date and time by phone: +0030 22730 62813. At 08:30΄, 09:20΄, 10:20΄, 11:20΄, 12:20΄, 13:20΄, 14:20΄

 Itinerary 3. Length 1036 m. Duration about one hour, one way. Groups of 10 people maximum. Visitors should book in advance date and time by phone: +0030 22730 62813.

At 08:30΄ from the South Entrance, 09:20΄ from the North Entrance, 10:20΄ from the South Entrance, 11:20΄ from the North Entrance, 12:20΄ from the South Entrance, 13:20΄ from the North Entrance.

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