Monday , March 1 2021
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Samos, Greece by Lou

This summer I lived on Samos for two months, doing an internship. I got to see a lot of awesome places, so I thought it’s time for my first map now to share some of them. (Click to enlarge) See more…

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“Stone” Cocktails: Now Samos has its Cocktail Experts!

Quite often, beautiful things don’t have an excuse to be somewhere! And because beauty is often dependent on the people who support it, we felt ashamed because we discovered “Stone” too late! Stone Cocktails is a coffee-shop, and during the morning hours, despite its warm atmosphere, looks like many traditional coffee-shops …

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A Discount Offer for Website Construction: An Offer for all Professionals in Samos

Discount offer for all Professionals in Samos The current difficult economic period facing all free lancers, make the need for a well-constructed and functioning website more necessary that ever. The benefit, which will result from business promotion in the internet is so important, thus the necessity for this kind of …

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Fournoi: Perhaps the Last Paradise of the Aegean Sea?

A Tribute to Fournoi Islands Published by the “Athinorama” Magazine (All references in taverns and rooms to let are retained unchanged) In the center of an imaginary triangle formed by Ikaria, Samos, and Patmos, Fournoi Islands live in their own untouched world. Called the “Island of Pirates”, it is actually …

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Samos, Ikaria, Fourni: A real great sense!

Do you dream about sky-blue beaches, flirting with the sun, drinking and dancing till the morning in sea-side bars , romantic sunsets, walks in golden beaches and traditional taverns by the sea ? All that and even more, you can and will find where else but in Greek islands such …

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