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Visiting the Tunnel of Eupalinos

Undoubtedly the Tunnel of Eupalinos, the central part of the ancient aqueduct, is an admirable achievement of engineering worth seeing, however visitors should bear in mind that: The tunnel is 1036 m. long. The average dimensions are 1,80 m high and 1,80 m wide, but in some parts the height …

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The castle of Sarakinis

Tower of Sarakinis The tower is located just outside the coastal village of Heraion, on the south side of Samos. It is the oldest tower on the island, since it was built in 1577. The tower used to be the residence of Nicholas Sarakinis, one of the first settlers of …

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The Castle of Loulouda

Castle of Loulouda Two kilometers away of the Monastery of Vrontiani, on a top of the Mount Karvouni, the Castle of Loulouda is located. According to the local tradition, the daughter of a priest from Vourliotes, named Loulouda, while sitting on the rock, suffered from an epilepsy attack, lost consciousness, …

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Mountain Kerkis

Mountain Kerkis Kerkis is the so-called “majestic” mountain of Samos. With steep slopes, caves and forests, it became, as early as the 9th century, an important center of monastic life. Most of its reputation comes from the life of Saint Paul the Younger from Latro of the neighboring (opposite) Asia …

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The Castle of Lazaros

Castle of Lazarus The castle is located in one of the highest peaks of Mountain Karvouni (at an altitude of 1.037 meters). The year of its construction remains unknown, but it must have been built before the desolation of Samos, which occurred during the first half of the 16th century. …

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