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Two Awards for Samian Wines in the “International Wines & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2016”

σαμιώτικα κρασιά βραβεύτηκαν στη Θεσσαλονίκη

Two Samian wines were awarded the top two awards during the “International Wines & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2016”. The wines Samos Anthemis 2010 and Samos Grand Cru 2015, won the gold and the silver award, respectively, filling with pride and emotion all members of EOSS (Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives …

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A Cooperation Agreement Between EOSS and the “GREEK Wine Cellars SA” to Promote Samian Wine

Samos wine - ΕΟΣΣ

A press release by EOSS (Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos) announced a cooperation agreement with the “GREEK Wine Cellars SA” for the better promotion of Samian wines. The press release states: Dear Partners, The “GREEK Wine Cellars SA” and the “Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos” are pleased to …

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10 Reasons to Visit Samos


Visit Samos! Lush landscapes, endless beaches, architectural jewels and significant archaeological sites make Samos, in the southeast Aegean, a special destination. Source: 1. VATHI    Vathi, the island’s capital, biggest town and main port, may not serve as an ideal esplanade for strolling, but it does boast several worthy neo-classical buildings and …

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The Wine Factory (Tavern) of John Nikolareizis in Malagari (Picture of 1906)

Το εργοστάσιο οίνων του Τζων Νικολαρεΐζη στο Μαλαγάρι - The Wine Factory of John Nikolareizis

Photo of the Wine Factory Wine production and trade flourished in Samos during the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In 1906, Vathi was a town with many wine-trading companies, which used to trade wine abroad as raw material. Well-known factory owners were M. Hadzigeorgiou, P. …

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White Pebble: The new wine made by the UVCS

White Pebble wine

A new product was recently launched by the UVCS: A wine under the brand name White Pebble. According to the people of the UVCS, “this is a wine with special characteristics. The beneficial effect of the Aegean summer breeze helps the charismatic Muscat grape of Samos to produce and offer …

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The history of the Samian Wine-Making

Το Μουσείο οίνου - The Museum of Samian Wine

One of the main sources of income for Samos comes from the cultivation of vines and the marketing of its products. Viticulture was, since antiquity, a very good and profitable economic activity although in ancient times the Samian wine was not as famous as it is today. According to mythology, …

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The history of Samian wine: “Indeed, if the Twelve Olympian Gods drank nectar, it would be Samian wine!”

Samos wine

The northern wine-producing villages that lie on the slopes of Abelos Mountain and reach the north coastline, are the most productive regions, out of the 26 wine producing regions of Samos, that participate in the local trade union. Abelos Mountain, well known by this name since the 1st century AD …

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The Museum of Samian Wine

Το Μουσείο οίνου - The Museum of Samian Wine

The Museum of Samian Wine is regarded as a historic and cultural “jewel” for the entire island of Samos. It was inaugurated on July 30, 2005 and since then is open year-round for all visitors, locals and foreigners alike.  Chronology In this place, before the establishment of the Union of …

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