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Travelogue and Climbing in the Cave of Pythagoras

Η Παναγία Σαραντασκαλιώτισσα στη σπηλιά του Πυθαγόρα - The Church of Panagia Saradaskaliotissa is built in the Cave of Pythagoras

The Church of Panagia Saradaskaliotissa is dedicated to the Birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, the cave, in which the Church is built, is the Cave of Pythagoras, i.e. the actual cave in which the ancient Greek mathematician found refuge when persecuted by Polycrates, the tyrant of Samos …

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The Hole of Tzetze (or Kasoli)

Η τρύπα του Τζετζέ

The Hole of Tzetze (or Kasoli) is a cave, located in Kosmadeon area, hidden in the woods. Its dimensions are 34 meters x 20 meters, its depth is 20 meters, while is situated at an altitude of 420 meters. It was first mentioned by I. Petrohilos 7/1952 [Hellenic Speleological Society …

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Siderenia Porta Cave

Σιδερένια πόρτα

Siderenia Porta (Iron Door) is another cave, located in the foot of Kerkis Mountain, in Kiourka area of Marathokampos Municipality. To the cave leads the same rural road, which leads to the cave-precipice of Saradaskaliotissa, as well as to Pythagoras Cave. When you reach the top of the slope, through …

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Tsakalotrypa of Pythagorion

Τσακαλότρυπα Πυθαγορείου

Tsakalotrypa Cave is located at an altitude of 102 meters in the area of Pythagorion, near Panagia Speliani, while overlooks Heraion Bay, the plains below, Potokaki, Pythagorion on the right, and the castle of Lycurgus, which dominates the area. It was first recorded and explored by the “2nd Speleological in …

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Mitilinioi Caves (Ancient Quarries)

Αρχαία Ορυχεία (πηγή των Αγιάδων)

In Mytilinioi, one of the largest villages of Samos, in Koutsodontis area, are located 45 caves around the hill, all of them entrances to an Ancient Mine. The first entrances are located at an altitude of 147 meters, hence the visitor can enjoy the wonderful view of the valley surrounding …

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The Dry Well


In the area of ​​Mytilinioi (or Ano Batzolia or Tsigoli), at an altitude of 280 meters, a stone carved Dry Well is located, some 10 meters deep (nowadays). Standing by its side you feel dominant when you look down the valley of Hora, the Heraion in the distance, Hora to …

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Below and on the right-hand side of the Monastery of Spilianis, is located, at an altitude of 94 meters, a cave called “Orygma Vrisouli” (Dimensions: 110 meters x 54 meters and Depth: 6,5 meters). It was first explored by I. Petrohilos 7/1952 [Hellenic Speleological Society (Hellenic Speleological Registry 205)]. What …

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Xafakia Cave-Precipice

Σπήλαιο Ξαφάκια

In the area Posidonion-Klima of Vathi Municipality, in a place called Xafakia, an entrance of a precipice was located by Manolis Triantafillou, following a suggestion made by Stavros Meramveliotakis. M. Triantafillou went to the area and began exploring the precipice on April 1, 2007. “At the entrance (Dimensions: 0,60 meters …

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Sarantaskaliotissa Cave-Precipice & Pythagoras Cave

Σπήλαιο Σαραντασκαλιώτισσα

The caves are located in the southern foot of Mount Kerkis, north of Kabos Marathokabou area. A dirt road leads to the exact location (cars can be used). The road starts from the coastal paved road. The drive lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. You can reach Sarantaskaliotissa Cave via stone stairs, …

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Nerotrouvias Cave of Milon Pythagoriou

Σπήλαιο Νεροτρουβιάς

Nerotrouvias cave is located in an area called “Milon” (“Mills”), at an altitude of 93 meters, near a water reservoir. The cave is actually an old overflow of the homonymous, some 30 meters deep, spring. The dirt road leading to the cave passes through cultivated areas, full of fruit trees …

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