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News from Ikaria Island

The Secret of Ikaria Island: sex, fish and longevity

The inhabitants of Ikaria Island have found a way to break the close link between depression and cardiovascular diseases. As an antidote, they apply the regular consumption of fish, which seems to decrease depression, and subsequently limits the risk of cardiovascular events. Fatty acids Omega-3 contained in fish are proven …

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A video from Ikaria Island by Peter Molz

Impressions from the beautiful greek island of Ikaria, taken in spring and early summer of 2015. Preview for my full presentation coming later this year. Music by well known local group “MUSICAROI”, featuring violinist Nikos Fakaros. Performance recorded live during the panigiri in Pezi (June 29th), high in the mountains …

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Ikaria unique and special awaits you at the edge of the Aegean Sea

Ikaria (or Ikariá or Nikaria) is one of the biggest islands in the Eastern Aegean Sea, covering 255 square kilometres with a coastline of 160 kilometres. Both the island and the Sea (Ikarian) is named after Icarus, the son of Daedalus, who, as legend has it, fell into the sea …

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