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Public Transportation (Buses) for Samos

Τα νέα δρομολόγια της αστικής συγκοινωνίας - Public Transportation (Buses) for Samos

On Tuesday, 29 March 2016, public transportation (buses) was on the roads of Vathi (the capital city of Samos). So, an old service is applied, once again, in Samos, facilitating people and providing solutions to the traffic problems of the city. Following many years of absence, on Tuesday, 29 March …

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Samos: Huge Discounts and Great Offers this Summer!

Εκπτώσεις της Hellenic Seaways στα δρομολόγια της Σάμου

This summer officials and professionals of Samos are determined to receive tourists with huge discount packages and great offers in an effort to boost tourism. In a joint statement, the Deputy Governor of Samos Prefecture and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samos, declared their determination …

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Two Awards for Samian Wines in the “International Wines & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2016”

σαμιώτικα κρασιά βραβεύτηκαν στη Θεσσαλονίκη

Two Samian wines were awarded the top two awards during the “International Wines & Spirits Competition of Thessaloniki 2016”. The wines Samos Anthemis 2010 and Samos Grand Cru 2015, won the gold and the silver award, respectively, filling with pride and emotion all members of EOSS (Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives …

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A Cooperation Agreement Between EOSS and the “GREEK Wine Cellars SA” to Promote Samian Wine

Samos wine - ΕΟΣΣ

A press release by EOSS (Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos) announced a cooperation agreement with the “GREEK Wine Cellars SA” for the better promotion of Samian wines. The press release states: Dear Partners, The “GREEK Wine Cellars SA” and the “Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos” are pleased to …

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A “Spectacular” Storm for Samos

Περιοχή Νησί

A Spectacular Storm for Samos During the last days, an abrupt change of weather brought a taste of winter … and successive storms in Samos. Especially last night, Samos was at the center of bad weather, since a storm strengthened sharply in the region and produced spectacular lightnings. This is …

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A Rare Meteorological Phenomenon in Samos

Φωτο, Μανώλης Θράβαλος - Meteorological Phenomenon in Samos

The photographer Manolis Thravalos captured a rare meteorological phenomenon called Solar Halo. In Meteorology, Halo is called the optical phenomenon produced by solar or lunar light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, resulting in a wide variety of colored rings or arcs in the sky. Therefore there are …

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“Stone” Cocktails: Now Samos has its Cocktail Experts!

Stone Cocktails, Samos Island

Quite often, beautiful things don’t have an excuse to be somewhere! And because beauty is often dependent on the people who support it, we felt ashamed because we discovered “Stone” too late! Stone Cocktails is a coffee-shop, and during the morning hours, despite its warm atmosphere, looks like many traditional coffee-shops …

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The Wine Factory (Tavern) of John Nikolareizis in Malagari (Picture of 1906)

Το εργοστάσιο οίνων του Τζων Νικολαρεΐζη στο Μαλαγάρι - The Wine Factory of John Nikolareizis

Photo of the Wine Factory Wine production and trade flourished in Samos during the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In 1906, Vathi was a town with many wine-trading companies, which used to trade wine abroad as raw material. Well-known factory owners were M. Hadzigeorgiou, P. …

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Pythagoras Square: An old … Very Old Age

Η πλατεία Πυθαγόρα το 1904 - Pythagoras Square 1904

We are at the beginning of 1900! The square has already been named Pythagoras Square and has taken its shape and form. From the pictures you can imagine haw it was back then… In the upper photo Pythagoras Square and the city garden are shown (Vathi Port, 1904-1908). Pythagoras is …

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In 1895 Vathi had its own Eiffel Tower!

Ο πύργος του δημοτικού ρολογιού - Vathi had its own Eiffel Tower

Ceremony on the anniversary of the enthronement of Sultan Abdul Hamid II  and the …Eiffel Tower (Vathi Port, 19 August 1895). The ceremony took place in Pythagoras Square, in front of the tower of the municipal clock, an imitation of the Eiffel Tower (it was removed and demolished in 1899). …

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