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Well done to the theater group of the Pythagorean Lyceum of Samos

Theater group of the Pythagorean Lyceum

An amazing play was performed by the theater group of the Pythagorean Lyceum of Samos in the auditorium of the school. The play was titled “THE DAD, THE WAR”, written in 1981 by the well-known Greek script-writer, journalist, and scholar Iakovos Kambanellis (1921-2011). It was directed and edited by the …

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Samos: European Capital of Culture 2021

Samos European Capital, Πολιτιστική πρωτεύουσα

Samos has decided to claim the owner and responsibility to win the title of the “European Capital of Culture 2021”. It is a higher goal and a great challenge for our island. So far, more than 10 Greek cities have announced their candidacy and are preparing feverishly the active participation …

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The history of the Samian Wine-Making

Το Μουσείο οίνου - The Museum of Samian Wine

One of the main sources of income for Samos comes from the cultivation of vines and the marketing of its products. Viticulture was, since antiquity, a very good and profitable economic activity although in ancient times the Samian wine was not as famous as it is today. According to mythology, …

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The tobacco factories in Samos during the early 19th century


During the late 19th and the early 20th century tobacco cultivation spread rapidly in the island of Samos. Samian tobacco were exported to the Greek cigarette factories in Egypt and in the markets of Europe, Africa and Asia, while as the same time local cigarette-making industry developed rapidly. In Vathi …

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Samia Athletic Events (August 19, 1903)

Samia athletic

In 19-21 August 1903, in Vathi Port, the Gymnastic Popular Club of Samos organized the Athletic Events called “Samia” in order to celebrate the anniversary of the enthronement of Abdul Hamid II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. The games were held in front of about 10.000 spectators in the newly …

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Samos is one of the top 10 Greek Islands you Should visit in Greece

Samos is one of the top greek Islands

Samos is one of the top 10 Greek Islands Greece brings to its visitors a variety of lovely islands that are rocky, green, or mountainous surrounded by crystal clear waters.  With so many islands and beaches that offer serenity and many things to do, it is apparent that Greece has …

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Samos, Ikaria, Fourni: A real great sense!


Do you dream about sky-blue beaches, flirting with the sun, drinking and dancing till the morning in sea-side bars , romantic sunsets, walks in golden beaches and traditional taverns by the sea ? All that and even more, you can and will find where else but in Greek islands such …

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