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Samos: Huge Discounts and Great Offers this Summer!

This summer officials and professionals of Samos are determined to receive tourists with huge discount packages and great offers in an effort to boost tourism. In a joint statement, the Deputy Governor of Samos Prefecture and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samos, declared their determination …

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Pythagorio: A Beautiful Video

On YouTube we found and watched a beautiful video about Pythagorio (you can watch the video here). The video is about a walk in the village, starting from the main market street and ending at the Castle of Logothetis. Just watch it! The video is signed by milero1000 who notes: …

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The Beauty of Samos “Caught” in Photos from Above

The website “Trip in View” captured the beauty of Samos in a singular “exploration” which consists of some 2.046 aerial photographs and a 70 minutes long video! Go to this link and use your mouse to see all the pictures of the coastline. You can also look for other ways …

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Kokkari beach Samos: One of the best beaches in Europe 2016

Kokkari beach is one of the best beaches in Europe 2016. This is the opinion of famous page, “European Bast Destinations” The village is a fishing harbour of Samos Island, which has now developed into a tourist center. Still, it preserves its old traditional face, with small houses and lanes full of flowers. …

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Kastrovouni: A Natural Stronghold, East of Kontakeika Village

Kastrovouni: A Natural Stronghold, East of Kontakeika Village Imposing and wild, Kastrovouni rises some 711 meters above sea level. It is located east of Kontakeika village. Situated among broken rocks, Kastronouni “hides” a troubled and unknown story which is the reason why I decided to write this article. The cragginess …

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A Travelogue to the Waterfalls of Ampelos Village

(A story by Paraskevi Pigatsioti) In a sunny February morning, a dear friend suggested a visit to the waterfalls of Ampelos village. Ampelos has waterfalls? I wondered. How is this possible? I asked myself loudly.  So, on the same day, we stood at the entrance of Ampelos village, parked our …

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10 places not to miss in Samos Island

Ten places not to miss in Samos Island! 1. Heraion (Ireon) In the area of Heraion (phonetic > Ireon) are the ruins of the temple of Hera. This area has always been a place of worship, since mythology mentions that goddess Hera was born there. The site of Heraion includes not only …

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