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The Beauty of Samos “Caught” in Photos from Above

The website “Trip in View” captured the beauty of Samos in a singular “exploration” which consists of some 2.046 aerial photographs and a 70 minutes long video!

Go to this link and use your mouse to see all the pictures of the coastline. You can also look for other ways to view the beauties of Samos, like photos or videos!

“Trip in View” also uploads useful information about Samos, as well as presentations and comments for 29 separate location of the island, including four hotels.

Samos is a Greek Island. It is located in the middle of the Eastern Aegean Sea, east of Icaria Sea, while administratively belongs to the Prefecture of Samos.

Today, Samos is widely known for its sweet Muscat “Nectar” wine, its lush vegetation, and its tourist attractions. It is also known for the Samian personalities of Ancient Greek History, such as Pythagoras, the philosopher Epicurus, the astronomer Aristarchus (allegedly he planned the first heliocentric map), and others.

It was in Samos where the first bronze statues were made while the pottery produced in the island was already famous in 550 BC.

See the two photos we chose for you (click to enlarge)



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