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The Tunnel of Efpalinos: An Amazing Representation Video

Ευπαλίνειο Όρυγμα - Tunnel of Efpalinos

There was an architect, who managed, in the 6th century BC, to construct a tunnel some 1.036 meters long, beginning from two opposite sides, which met with no deviation at all! It is the Tunnel of Efpalinos. See an amazing representation video… The contribution of Ancient Greeks to science is …

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The Pythagorean Cup – the cup that spills your drink when you get too greedy

Η κούπα του Πυθαγόρα - Pythagorean Cup

The Pythagorean cup is a vessel that spills all the drink poured into it once a person gets greedy. And what does that mean? Say you were supposed to pour a liter of water into a cup and no more than that. If you were using the Pythagorean cup, what …

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The Construction of the Vathi, Karlovassi Carriage-Way (Picture of 1902)

Η κατασκευή της αμαξιτής οδού Βαθέος  -Καρλοβασίων. - The construction of the road Vathi, Karlovasi

This picture was taken during the construction of the road Vathi, Karlovasi Carriage-Way in the wild cliffs of Kourou-Dere (in Turkish language, “Dry Stream” in English, it is a coastal area between Saint Konstantinos and Karlovasi). In April 1899, following an open competition (auction), the engineering company “Rivabella and Gounarakis”, under …

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The Wine Factory (Tavern) of John Nikolareizis in Malagari (Picture of 1906)

Το εργοστάσιο οίνων του Τζων Νικολαρεΐζη στο Μαλαγάρι - The Wine Factory of John Nikolareizis

Photo of the Wine Factory Wine production and trade flourished in Samos during the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In 1906, Vathi was a town with many wine-trading companies, which used to trade wine abroad as raw material. Well-known factory owners were M. Hadzigeorgiou, P. …

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Pythagoras Square: An old … Very Old Age

Η πλατεία Πυθαγόρα το 1904 - Pythagoras Square 1904

We are at the beginning of 1900! The square has already been named Pythagoras Square and has taken its shape and form. From the pictures you can imagine haw it was back then… In the upper photo Pythagoras Square and the city garden are shown (Vathi Port, 1904-1908). Pythagoras is …

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In 1895 Vathi had its own Eiffel Tower!

Ο πύργος του δημοτικού ρολογιού - Vathi had its own Eiffel Tower

Ceremony on the anniversary of the enthronement of Sultan Abdul Hamid II  and the …Eiffel Tower (Vathi Port, 19 August 1895). The ceremony took place in Pythagoras Square, in front of the tower of the municipal clock, an imitation of the Eiffel Tower (it was removed and demolished in 1899). …

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The Naval Battle of Samos as described in the Diary of Lykourgos Logothetis

The Naval Battle of Samos

A text (or document) for the local anniversary of August 6, written by Mr. Christos Landros The description of the Naval Battle of Samos (4-6 August 1824) was written by the admirals who participated in the battle, which took place between the Island of Samos and the opposite Asia Minor …

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“Dodekaporto”: A Mysterious and Enigmatic Monument


Recently, the Speleological Association of Samos “EFPALINOS” secured permission from local authorities and on Saturday, June 6, 2015 cut the trees that had sprouted in the old Byzantine church of Dodekaportou. This initiative was attended by representatives of the archaeological service and intended to protect the statics of the building. …

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The Windmills of Samos (1914)

Ανεμόμυλοι του 1914

Windmills in the so-called “mule-path” (the road from Vathi to Mitilinioi in 1914). The location of the mills (collectively known as “Milotopos” from the Greek words “Milos” = “Mill” and “Topos” = “Place”) was chosen on the basis of the strength of the winds, the easy access from the nearby …

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“Samiaka”: The history book of Epaminondas Stamatiades


The book “Samiaka” (5 volumes, 2.955 pages, and 13 x 23 format) was printed in the Princely Printing-Shop of Samos between 1881 and 1889, following a resolution passed by the “General Assembly of the Samian”. So, from this point of view, it is considered as a pioneer sample of a …

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