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Little Lakka Beach – Video

Little Lakka Beach

A video of Little Lakka beach from Samos stuff. Summer 2015 Just before Mourtias Beach you’ll find a road that leads to a narrow path and from there to the beaches. At first you will find the 200 hundred meters long but narrow path that leads to Small (Little) Lakka …

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Drakei and Varsamo Beach travelogue

Varsamo beach

Who hasn’t envy Milo, Kleftiko and Sarakiniko? All visitors have admired the famous rock, which is the trademark of Milo, and the which-colored moonscape? In Varsamo, one of the most remote beaches of Samos (located below the village of Kallithea), we identified amazing similarities with the famous landscapes of Milos …

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The Bay of Posidonio (Pictures)

Posidonio bay

The Bay of Posidonio, the beach, and the anchored boats View some pictures taken by Isamos!

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Klima Beach: The beach, the sea, and the facilities of “Klima Paradise” are all made to win Oscar Prizes!

Klima Beach

“Klima” Beach is one of the most famous beaches of Samos. It is located in the east, opposite the Asian Minor coast (Turkey) and marks the nearest point between Samos and Turkey (it is called Samos Strait). The sea is amazing and clean, hence suitable for endless dives and swimming. …

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Magical Samos Beaches ! Αdmire photos

Samos beaches. Kaladakia

Magical Samos beaches Kaladakia, Tsabou, Lemonakia

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Seitania: A Tribute to two Magical Beaches (courtesy of “The Time Machine” TV Show)


The so-called “Devil’s Port” is a hidden beach with turquoise water, a shelter to Monachus-Monachus seals and explorers… Among steep rocks emerges an incomparable graphic beach, which seems as a place inaccessible and forbidden! Seitani, named as such during the period of the Ottoman Occupation (1475-1912), since the Ottoman Turks …

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The Renovated and Stunning Asterias Beach of Pythagorion

Παραλία Αστερίας

Note that the following text is not a paid advertisement! We do not intend, in our website (, to advertise any free-lancer, professional or business (at least not for the time being). Our policy if to keep equal distance between all professionals, while, at the same time, praise any good …

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Kaladakia Beach. A small but “magical” beach appears suddenly out of nowhere!

Kaladakia Beach

In South Samos, near Balos Koumeika, is located a beautiful beach known only to a handful of people! The beach is called Kaladakia. However, during the last two years more and more people come to know Kaladakia due to a new and remarkable hotel built some 500 meters away. The …

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“Navagos” Beach Bar (in Tsamadou Beach)


My admiration for Tsamadou beach started long ago, sometime in 1972, when, as young students, I and my friends use to lie on the pebble-covered beach, under the moonlight, playing our guitars and singing. Quite often we use to go night swimming and… dare our first hesitant nudism because, back …

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The Top 5 Beaches of Samos!

Big Seitani Beach

Samos is widely known as the island with 70 beautiful beaches! Many of these are famous and certainly are depicted in postcards (you can find plenty of postcards in Samos!). Most beaches of Samos can be found in THIS MAP. However, many other beaches are subjects of … personal discovery …

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