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Seitania: A Tribute to two Magical Beaches (courtesy of “The Time Machine” TV Show)

The so-called “Devil’s Port” is a hidden beach with turquoise water, a shelter to Monachus-Monachus seals and explorers…

Among steep rocks emerges an incomparable graphic beach, which seems as a place inaccessible and forbidden! Seitani, named as such during the period of the Ottoman Occupation (1475-1912), since the Ottoman Turks believed that the port belonged to the Devil (Seitan in Turkish, passed as Seitani in Modern Greek). The “Devil’s Port” is located at the end of a steep ravine called Kakoperato, and has no road access.

The beaches are included in the Natura 2000 network of nature protected areas because they host Monachus-Monachus seals. The only way to visit the beaches is a 3 km walk! Both beaches are located in the northwest of Samos.

After Karlovassi and Potami Beach, a dirt road starts (up to a certain point you can use a car). From there the signs guide you to the path that finally leads to Seitani. The path is rough, but picturesque!

After ten (10) minutes walking through olive trees and unique views of the Aegean Sea, emerges the Mikro Seitani beach. A dive is extremely refreshing for the continuation of the walk (45 minutes more). At the end of the path is Megalo Seitani beach. It is a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise waters. The landscape has a unique wild beauty! The so-called “Devil’s Port” is surrounded by green slopes (the Kakoperato steep ravine), which you can explore if you wish.

Walking along the beach and reaching the other side, you’ll find the church of St. Nicholas hanging on the edge of a cliff! If you walk the opposite direction, you’ll reach the back side of the beach. The wild landscape with the steep cliffs cause awe to the visitors. Seitani is an ideal place for those who love camping and respect the virgin natural landscape. A night in the peacefulness of nature cannot be compared with the luxurious but scenic hotel room…

(Text and photos are courtesy of “The Time Machine” TV Show)

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Photos from Seitania

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