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“Navagos” Beach Bar (in Tsamadou Beach)

My admiration for Tsamadou beach started long ago, sometime in 1972, when, as young students, I and my friends use to lie on the pebble-covered beach, under the moonlight, playing our guitars and singing.

Quite often we use to go night swimming and… dare our first hesitant nudism because, back then, Tsamadou was inaccessible and you had to know well the passes to the beach…

Since then 43 years have passed and my affection for Tsamadou still remains unchanged. And when I dive in its turquoise waters its evolution and development all these years passes in front of my eyes. For me is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever visited!

In recent years, the practical interest of a single family for Tsamadou played a crucial role in its development: I’m taking about the family which made Tsamadou more famous than ever (mainly its western side)!

Eliades family left its creative mark on Tsamadou, showing to everybody that it is possible for a beach to expand, evolve, and renovated properly without damaging the surrounding environment, but instead elevate it to a higher standard!

I do not want to make any more compliments to the family since all local and most of the foreign visitors are well aware of the progress made due to the efforts made by Eliades family.

“Navagos” Beach Bar dominates the place and is regarded as the “pride” of the region. It is a beautiful, elegant, and polymorphic beach bar, where every day is a surprise!

The bar is suitable for families and children. Sometimes the music sounds like a lullaby, in synchronization with the “music” produced by the waves, while sometimes is loud and energizes you. It is good to live the experience in both situations (the quiet and the noisy one). You can enjoy or play sports, drink cocktails, gaze towards the sea or admire well-shaped and tanned bodies… The beach is well-organized and clean with sunbeds and umbrellas (no payment is required). New… ethics for Samos!

The sea, clear and refreshing, will enchant you. If it is completely calm, you might find the absolute peace of your soul! Dive deep and store in your memory countless images of natural beauty! I keep my memories well stored only to seek them during a hazy winter night…

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