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Central Samos

Pagondas Village: A Travelogue (Photos)

Παγώνδας, άποψη του χωριού, Pagondas

Pagondas is located in the south-eastern part of Samos, some 12 km away from Pythagorio. It is a village built on the eastern slopes of Mount Bournia, at an altitude of 180 meters. Pagondas has a privileged view over the plains of Chora, the open sea of the Aegean, and …

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A Travelogue to Spatharei Village (Photos)

Σπαθαραίοι. Η εκκλησία - Spatharei Samos

Spatharei (Spatharaioi) is the highest “balcony” of the Aegean Sea! We recently visited the village on the occasion of the local Carnival (called Kadi). We walked in its impressive and beautiful narrow streets and took several photos of the wonderful view. Unfortunately the weather was not suitable for photographs, so …

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Travelogue to Mavratzei Village – Photographs

Μαυρατζαίοι, το μνημείο. Mavratzei Village

Recently we visited the beautiful village of Mavratzei, which is a picturesque mountain village, some 19 km southwest of Samos City. You can reach the village following the regional road Samos-Pythagorion-Karlovassi. The village is located in a very beautiful area, rich in vegetation, mainly pine and olive trees, and full …

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Drakei and Varsamo Beach travelogue

Varsamo beach

Who hasn’t envy Milo, Kleftiko and Sarakiniko? All visitors have admired the famous rock, which is the trademark of Milo, and the which-colored moonscape? In Varsamo, one of the most remote beaches of Samos (located below the village of Kallithea), we identified amazing similarities with the famous landscapes of Milos …

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A tribute to Kalithea village

Kalithea village

Recently I visited Kalithea village. Following a fairly long drive from Vathi (one and a half hour car drive) and crossing the beautiful landscapes of Samos, we reached Kallithea village “wrapped” in cold weather and “deserted” by tourist (the visit took place during the winter). The village is built on …

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Neochorio or Nichori or Nichoraki as the locals say, is located north of Skouraiika and east of village Koumaiika and is built in a rough and craggy range. It is one of the smallest villages on the island, previously known as Zouraiika by the surname Zouras. It is one of …

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Skoureika is located south of the village Neochorio and got their name from the first inhabitant whose name was George Skouras. From a document that existed in the hands of his descendants, we learned that George Skouras bought the full extent of the village for 40 grosses. In the church …

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North east of the village Koumaradei and west of Mytilinoi, is the village of Mavratzei. The access is possible from the Chora–Koumaradaioi road, 4 km before the village. The old name is Gaeτànkeoi from the first inhabitant, a shepherd called Gaetanos from Koumaradaioi. Years after, George Mavratzas from Chora moved …

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Mesogeio is located south of Pandrosos and its old name was ‘Kato Arvanites’. It was founded by some descendants of the village ‘Ano Arvanites’ (Pandrosos). The region is fascinating, although in winter is extremely cold. “The people of ‘Kato Arvanites’ can boast that bred a man ignorant and primitive, but …

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Miloi is located south of Mytilinoi and right on the banks of the river Imbrasos. It got its name due to the watermills that existed in the area and which were moved by the waters of the river. Miloi is the oldest village in Samos and was built by the …

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