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A tribute to Kalithea village

Recently I visited Kalithea village. Following a fairly long drive from Vathi (one and a half hour car drive) and crossing the beautiful landscapes of Samos, we reached Kallithea village “wrapped” in cold weather and “deserted” by tourist (the visit took place during the winter).

The village is built on a slope at the foot of Mountain Kerketea or Kerkis, and is located in an altitude of 300 meters in the North-West side of the island, facing towards Fourni Islands (South-West), Ikaria Island (West), and Chios Island (North). Vegetation is dense (oaks, cedars, pines, and cypresses). These trees provided and provide the raw material for the shipyard of Agios Isidoros, located some 5 km away. Some 6 km away, is located the small but very beautiful and wooded hamlet named Drakeoi.

Up until 1950 the name of the village was “Prinias” (from the many oak trees and oaks that existed in the surrounding area called Kalampachtasi or Kalampaktasiotika (from the Turkish word “Kale-bak” = a Rock suitable for guards). In 1950 it was renamed Kallithea due to its wonderful and breathtaking view of the surrounding area (Kalithe = “Kali” or Good and “Thea” or View).

Some 5 km away is located the Varsamo beach or Valsamo, the beach of Agios Isidoros, and the beach Fagri.

We took several photographs of the village and its spectacular view and we ate delicious snacks in the traditional tavern “Kalithea” which I strongly recommend!

Photographs of the Village

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