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Pagondas Village: A Travelogue (Photos)

Παγώνδας, άποψη του χωριού, Pagondas

Pagondas is located in the south-eastern part of Samos, some 12 km away from Pythagorio. It is a village built on the eastern slopes of Mount Bournia, at an altitude of 180 meters. Pagondas has a privileged view over the plains of Chora, the open sea of the Aegean, and …

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The Beauty of Samos “Caught” in Photos from Above


The website “Trip in View” captured the beauty of Samos in a singular “exploration” which consists of some 2.046 aerial photographs and a 70 minutes long video! Go to this link and use your mouse to see all the pictures of the coastline. You can also look for other ways …

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Travelogue to the Ampelos Village (Photos)

Το χωριό Αμπελος. Εκκλησία - Ampelos Village

In a winter but sunny Sunday we visited the village of Ampelos. We like this village, as it is perched on the slopes of Karvouni Mountain. As it stands it “invited” us to take a walk in the green forest and its narrow streets… The settlement of Ampelos is located …

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Photo of the day (21-12-15)

Φωτογραφία της ημέρας - Photo of the day

The photo of the day is from Samos Christmas mode.. (Click to enlarge )

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Samian Landscapes by Manolis Thravalos (Part II)

Ireon_fullmoon_isamos - Samian Landscapes

The second part of Samian landscapes captured and offered by our friend and amateur photographer, Manolis Thravalos. We thank his very much! See HERE the first part

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Samian landscapes by Manolis Thravalos (Part I)

Vathi-panorama-isamos - Samian landscapes

Manolis Thravalos is an amateur photographer who surpasses … many professionals! See some Samian landscapes and stay tuned because more are about to follow!

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A Rare Meteorological Phenomenon in Samos

Φωτο, Μανώλης Θράβαλος - Meteorological Phenomenon in Samos

The photographer Manolis Thravalos captured a rare meteorological phenomenon called Solar Halo. In Meteorology, Halo is called the optical phenomenon produced by solar or lunar light interacting with ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, resulting in a wide variety of colored rings or arcs in the sky. Therefore there are …

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The Construction of the Vathi, Karlovassi Carriage-Way (Picture of 1902)

Η κατασκευή της αμαξιτής οδού Βαθέος  -Καρλοβασίων. - The construction of the road Vathi, Karlovasi

This picture was taken during the construction of the road Vathi, Karlovasi Carriage-Way in the wild cliffs of Kourou-Dere (in Turkish language, “Dry Stream” in English, it is a coastal area between Saint Konstantinos and Karlovasi). In April 1899, following an open competition (auction), the engineering company “Rivabella and Gounarakis”, under …

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The Wine Factory (Tavern) of John Nikolareizis in Malagari (Picture of 1906)

Το εργοστάσιο οίνων του Τζων Νικολαρεΐζη στο Μαλαγάρι - The Wine Factory of John Nikolareizis

Photo of the Wine Factory Wine production and trade flourished in Samos during the late 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. In 1906, Vathi was a town with many wine-trading companies, which used to trade wine abroad as raw material. Well-known factory owners were M. Hadzigeorgiou, P. …

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In 1895 Vathi had its own Eiffel Tower!

Ο πύργος του δημοτικού ρολογιού - Vathi had its own Eiffel Tower

Ceremony on the anniversary of the enthronement of Sultan Abdul Hamid II  and the …Eiffel Tower (Vathi Port, 19 August 1895). The ceremony took place in Pythagoras Square, in front of the tower of the municipal clock, an imitation of the Eiffel Tower (it was removed and demolished in 1899). …

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