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Public Transportation (Buses) for Samos

On Tuesday, 29 March 2016, public transportation (buses) was on the roads of Vathi (the capital city of Samos). So, an old service is applied, once again, in Samos, facilitating people and providing solutions to the traffic problems of the city. Following many years of absence, on Tuesday, 29 March …

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The Construction of the Vathi, Karlovassi Carriage-Way (Picture of 1902)

This picture was taken during the construction of the road Vathi, Karlovasi Carriage-Way in the wild cliffs of Kourou-Dere (in Turkish language, “Dry Stream” in English, it is a coastal area between Saint Konstantinos and Karlovasi). In April 1899, following an open competition (auction), the engineering company “Rivabella and Gounarakis”, under …

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Ano Vathi: A Traditional Settlement of Incredible Beauty. Photographs

Ano Vathi: A Traditional Settlement of Incredible Beauty. Photographs Ano Vathi contains buildings with elements of the local traditional architecture. For that it has been declared, by the Greek authorities, as a “Traditional Settlement”. Please dedicate 1-2 hours to walk its narrow streets, especially in the evening, before sunset! Ano …

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Samos town (Vathi)

The town known today as Samos (its previous name was Port of Vathi) has been built during recent decades. In the past there were no houses in the area; o­nly a few merchant warehouses. Settlers however, from Pano Vathi and other places (mainly from Kefalonia), moved into this uninhabited area, …

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Ano Vathi

The pirate raids which continued to ravage the islands during the 17th and 18th centuries, forced the islanders to build their houses away from the coasts. Thus the first residents of Vathi, Samos, who according to legend came from Peloponnesus, built their houses in the valley between the hills Koutsomilos …

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Ano Vathi: Gallery from a traditional village

A traditional village with beautiful houses and streets … Enjoy it!

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