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The Top 5 Beaches of Samos!

Samos is widely known as the island with 70 beautiful beaches! Many of these are famous and certainly are depicted in postcards (you can find plenty of postcards in Samos!). Most beaches of Samos can be found in THIS MAP. However, many other beaches are subjects of … personal discovery plus some willingness for harmless adventures… This, of course, means that you should stay in Samos for several days and to deal, almost exclusively, with the sea and its magic!

But Samos has many other wonderful things to offer, in terms of natural beauties, cultural events, places of interest, museums etc. All these thinks are available to you if you choose Samos for your summer vacations.

We will now introduce you to the Top 5 beaches of Samos, according to our assessments. We believe that you must visit all five of them for swimming and more, if you want to see the best of Samos and impress your friends back home. Otherwise we believe you’ll be … “poorer” for the rest of your life.

 Tsamadou Beach (Located Next to Kokkari Beach)

Tsamadou beachPerhaps it is the best beach of northern Samos! Enter from the eastern entrance, which is actually a narrow path inside a forest of pine trees and dense vegetation.

There is nowhere in Greece a nicest path to walk! The deep blue of the sea is clearly visible between the deep shadows of the pine trees that seems to “bow” and pay tribute to the clear and blue waters…

Dense vegetation, wonderful sea, hot sun, and white pebbles compose this magic called “Tsamadou Beach”.

The beach is well-organized with umbrellas, sun-beds, and a beach bar (in the western side), playing nice music and offering cool and refreshing drinks. The beach attracts many visitors, locals and foreigners alike. All these thinks make your visit to Tsamadou Beach an absolute necessity! You should note that in Tsamadou Beach you can exercise nudism, but on the eastern side only.

 Small and Big Seitani Beaches

Little Seitani Beach

Is where nature “conspires” to dominate all your senses and feeling! Both beaches are located in the northwest side of the island and are accessible by boat (depart from the port of Karlovassi) or by foot (the walk really worth the effort), through a difficult and narrow path (some 5 km long) starting from Potami village. Another way to access the beaches is through the mountain region of Drakeon.

The area is difficult to walk, but the path will reward your patience (the walk takes more than an hour, while the path itself is amazing!). The sea, in both beaches, is wonderful and enchanting, whether is calm or wavy. The beaches aren’t organized, so don’t expect umbrellas, sunbeds or mobile phone signals. You’ll just feel a unique and refreshing union with mother-nature. For more information and photographs press the link below.

 Chrisi Amos Beach of Marathokampos

Xrysi Ammos BeachIts name is a reality! (“Chrisi Amos” = “Golden Sand”). The beach is located in a wide bay next to Kabos Marathokabou. Under the light colors of the sunset the beach looks like gold, mesmerizing any visitor!

The beach is full of diversities: Cosmopolitan and peaceful, with comforts and primitive, while the golden color of the sand blends harmonically with the green color of the pine-trees and nature.

Food, coffee, cool and refreshing drinks, what else do you need? If you look for privacy then Chrisi Amos Beach is exactly what you need!

 (Back, in our time, a camping tent, the gold of the sand, the blue of the sea, and our friends was all we needed in order to feel like the ancient and mighty god of the seas Poseidon! Unfortunately, nowadays camping is prohibited…)

 Pythagorion Beach

Pythagorio BeachNext to the cosmopolitan Pythagorion is located the famous and homonymous beach (is several kilometers long). The beach is normally full of people and is well known for its glamorous lifestyle! Is like Super Paradise or Nammo bars of Mykonos. Take your sunbed with you, and enjoy the music and the lifestyle you like. Just relax and your cocktails will be served soon!

 Small and Big Lakka Beaches

Little Lakka BeachBoth are located in the eastern side of the island and are accessible by boat or by foot (through a narrow path).

Just before Mourtias Beach you’ll find a road that leads to a narrow path and from there to the beaches. At first you will find the 200 hundred meters long but narrow path that leads to Small Lakka (you must try hard to find it because there are no signs in place!).

I challenge anyone to find in Greece a beach where the leaves of the surrounding pine-trees reach as far as the coastline, hence their shade it works like a natural umbrella for the visitors.

This small forest with its wooden benches, nearby the sea, can keep you in Small Lakka Beach all day and all night long! If you have and know how to play a guitar … you should bring it over with you!

The path that leads to Big Lakka is harder to find (you should look for the … famous red marks!). If you follow the red marks and walk a difficult descent (some 600 meters long, 15-20 minutes distance) you’ll find the beautiful Big Lakka Beach. Is well-organized with umbrellas and sunbeds (no payment is required!), grills and tables are available for every visitor (free of charge), a well for water is available, as well as cutlery (shared by everybody)! The certain thing is that you’ll find yourself completely alone, in a quiet place waiting to turn alive any moment soon, but in vain. Sometimes small groups of people are coming to the beach from the sea to swim or enjoy a picnic.

Generally speaking, the sea is normally quiet, warm, and clean (“to drink it in a water glass” as we say in Greece!). Don’t miss the experience!

 For more details on both beaches press here: How you’ll find them in the map, how to get there, and what to look for! See some of the photographs we took!


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