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The Tunnel of Epfalinus: Quite impressive facts yet unknown to the many! (Video)

The Tunnel of Epfalinus: Quite impressive facts and yet unknown to the many! (Video)

The Tunnel of Eupalinus (or the Eupalinian Aqueduct) is a monument dedicated to the science of geometry. The tunnel “manages” to glorify geometry, as did the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world. The Tunnel of Eupalinus is the work of a genius in geometry, at a time when …

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Pythagorio the island of Pythagoras! (Video)


Pythagorio is a village of Samos in Greece, located in the southeastern part of the island! The population according to the 2011 census is 1,272 residents.The name of the settlement until 1955 was Pan (Tigani in Greek language), so renamed Pythagorio from the International Organization of Pythagoreans in honor of …

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The Tunnel of Efpalinos: An Amazing Representation Video

Ευπαλίνειο Όρυγμα - Tunnel of Efpalinos

There was an architect, who managed, in the 6th century BC, to construct a tunnel some 1.036 meters long, beginning from two opposite sides, which met with no deviation at all! It is the Tunnel of Efpalinos. See an amazing representation video… The contribution of Ancient Greeks to science is …

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Pythagorio: A Beautiful Video

Αποψη του Πυθαγορείου, view of Pythagorion

On YouTube we found and watched a beautiful video about Pythagorio (you can watch the video here). The video is about a walk in the village, starting from the main market street and ending at the Castle of Logothetis. Just watch it! The video is signed by milero1000 who notes: …

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A Tribute to Samos: the Earthly Paradise of the Eastern Aegean Sea (Video)

Πλατεία Πυθαγόρα. Αφιέρωμα στη Σάμο - A Tribute to Samos

The website “Rib and Sea” uploaded this video, as an extensive tribute to Samos. It is a well-produced video! Joseph Papadopoulos of “Rib and Sea” writes: Samos is one of the islands that I have visited several times in the past. However, is one of the islands that I fully …

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The Waterfall of Ampelos Village: A Video made by iSamos

Καταρράκτες Αμπέλου - The Waterfall of Ampelos

iSamos uploaded a video about the waterfall of Ampelos. Watch the green path, listen to the sounds of birds and water and enjoy the fall of the water in an environment covered by rich vegetation! In a previous posting you can read detailed information about the travelogue we made in …

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A Rock in the Ocean – Samos Island Greece – Video

Σάμος. Η πρωτεύουσα του νομού - Samos Island town, the capital

  A Rock in the Ocean: Watch… Samos Island! (A Video made by Yiannis Paleokastritis) Recently, we watched a short but very nice video for Samos Island on YouTube, made by our good friend Yiannis Palaiokastritis. The video shows the beauty of our island. In just three minutes Yiannis managed …

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Samos of History and Today. A Sensitive Film for the Island of Pythagoras

Samos: The Island of Pythagoras

The Island of Pythagoras: A film presenting, with sensitivity and objectivity, the island of Samos, its environment and its history from the ancient times up until today. The film has three parts. It also presents the everyday life of Samos as well as the love of the people for their …

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Pythagorion, a beautiful village in Samos – Video

Pythagorion (Beach)

Pythagorion is located in the south eastern part od Samos. It has the facilities a visitor is looking for (international airport, port, marina, nice and clean beaches etc). It is a convenient base for those who want to visit the rest of Samos interesting sights (monasteries, castles, museums). THE VIDEO …

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Kokkari village. Video by Real Drone

Kokkari village

This is Kokkari, our sweet home… A small place on Samos Island of Greece, which can only be described by me as love. Our beautiful village, started up as a humble fishing harbor and through the last 40 last years, it developed to a gorgeous touristic destination. The traditional Mediterranean …

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