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The Waterfall of Ampelos Village: A Video made by iSamos

iSamos uploaded a video about the waterfall of Ampelos. Watch the green path, listen to the sounds of birds and water and enjoy the fall of the water in an environment covered by rich vegetation!

In a previous posting you can read detailed information about the travelogue we made in the waterfall and see many photos of the rich wildlife.

The elements of nature are vivid but in harmony. Dense vegetation covers the entire slope and the path leads to a forest of chestnut and olive trees. Although it was noon the sunlight never reached the ground because the sky is covered by plants and vegetation.

On both hand sides the place is filled with cyclamen, ivy, and wildflowers. Water sounds echoes all around, from the very first moment you enter the path, and, the closer you get to the waterfalls, the sound of the water “invites” you and “points out” the way ahead…

Continue to Read and Watch the Photos Here!

Watch the video about the Waterfalls of Abelos Village.

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