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Little (Mikro) Seitani

For more information on “Mikro Seitani” visit “Beaches” page or press HERE.

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Big (Megalo) Seitani

For more information on “Megalo Seitani” visit “Beaches” page or press HERE.

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Samian Dreamscapes – Seitani Paradise (from Peter Molz)

An animated photo presentation about one of the most beautiful walks on an island in the eastern Aegean! It’s about the footpath along the breathtaking beautiful northwest coast of Samos, especially the part between the small village of Drakéi on the slopes of the massive Kerkis mountain and the secluded …

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A visit to Mikro Seitani beach, Samos, Greece

An excursion to the breathtaking beauty of the northwest coast of Samos island in Greece. Walking under dark pine trees or silvergreen olive trees on that stoney and dusty footpath that leads up and down along the coast to the remote Seϊtáni beaches with their crystal-clear waters. Spending the afternoon …

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Big Seitani beach

“Megalo (Big) Seitani” Beach: An incredible beach, accessible only by sea, unless you choose to walk a beautiful but rough, 4 km long, path! Next to “Mikro Seitani”, just 3 km away, is the “Megalo Seitani” beach, which is accessible only be foot or by boat (depart from Karlovasi Port). …

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Little Seitani beach

“Mikro (little) Seitani” beach is located in northwest coastline, next to Karlovasi. It is accessible only by foot. The road leading to the beach is a harsh and narrow path, difficult for someone to locate! The problem is that locals repeatedly place signs pointing at the entrance of the path, …

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