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The Beauty of Samos “Caught” in Photos from Above


The website “Trip in View” captured the beauty of Samos in a singular “exploration” which consists of some 2.046 aerial photographs and a 70 minutes long video! Go to this link and use your mouse to see all the pictures of the coastline. You can also look for other ways …

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10 Reasons to Visit Samos


Visit Samos! Lush landscapes, endless beaches, architectural jewels and significant archaeological sites make Samos, in the southeast Aegean, a special destination. Source: 1. VATHI    Vathi, the island’s capital, biggest town and main port, may not serve as an ideal esplanade for strolling, but it does boast several worthy neo-classical buildings and …

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“Stone” Cocktails: Now Samos has its Cocktail Experts!

Stone Cocktails, Samos Island

Quite often, beautiful things don’t have an excuse to be somewhere! And because beauty is often dependent on the people who support it, we felt ashamed because we discovered “Stone” too late! Stone Cocktails is a coffee-shop, and during the morning hours, despite its warm atmosphere, looks like many traditional coffee-shops …

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Visit Samos: 5 Places to Visit within 5km of the Airport – Samos Greece

Visit Samos

A new excellent post from Amanda’s blog ……Checking out of our hotel in the morning and with check in at the airport not until after 6pm we had another whole day to explore Samos further. Without any real plan, but with the map, we found 5 things to do all within 5 …

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Holiday on Samos Island – Pretty Ports and a Relaxing Hotel, by Amanda’s blog

Amanda's blog

Last week we had the opportunity to go away for a couple of nights, thanks to the kindness of neighbours looking after the animals. After searching on line we found that there are direct flights with sky express to several different islands, one of them was Samos. ….. One of the first …

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Seitania: A Tribute to two Magical Beaches (courtesy of “The Time Machine” TV Show)


The so-called “Devil’s Port” is a hidden beach with turquoise water, a shelter to Monachus-Monachus seals and explorers… Among steep rocks emerges an incomparable graphic beach, which seems as a place inaccessible and forbidden! Seitani, named as such during the period of the Ottoman Occupation (1475-1912), since the Ottoman Turks …

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The Renovated and Stunning Asterias Beach of Pythagorion

Παραλία Αστερίας

Note that the following text is not a paid advertisement! We do not intend, in our website (, to advertise any free-lancer, professional or business (at least not for the time being). Our policy if to keep equal distance between all professionals, while, at the same time, praise any good …

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Fournoi: Perhaps the Last Paradise of the Aegean Sea?


A Tribute to Fournoi Islands Published by the “Athinorama” Magazine (All references in taverns and rooms to let are retained unchanged) In the center of an imaginary triangle formed by Ikaria, Samos, and Patmos, Fournoi Islands live in their own untouched world. Called the “Island of Pirates”, it is actually …

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The Tortuga Beach Bar is impressive and glamorous and makes the difference in day and night fun!

Tortuga Beach Bar

The “Tortuga” Beach Bar, which is located in Kambos Marathokambou, is impressive and glamorous and makes the difference in day and night fun! In fact, “Tortuga” is regarded as the “crown-jewel” of the wider Kambos Marathokambou area! Kampos Marathokambou is one of the most beautiful and most developed tourist areas …

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Samos Travelogue, Part ΙI: The South Route. A Useful Guide for All Visitors


The Second Route to Karlovassi (via Pythagorion and Chora – Pyrgos) The first route, the northern one, is available in this link. There is one more route, the last one, of the Marathokampos area, which we will describe in the near future. Starting again from the capital city of Samos, …

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