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Samos tribute

A Tribute to Samos: the Earthly Paradise of the Eastern Aegean Sea (Video)

Πλατεία Πυθαγόρα. Αφιέρωμα στη Σάμο - A Tribute to Samos

The website “Rib and Sea” uploaded this video, as an extensive tribute to Samos. It is a well-produced video! Joseph Papadopoulos of “Rib and Sea” writes: Samos is one of the islands that I have visited several times in the past. However, is one of the islands that I fully …

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The Beauty of Samos “Caught” in Photos from Above


The website “Trip in View” captured the beauty of Samos in a singular “exploration” which consists of some 2.046 aerial photographs and a 70 minutes long video! Go to this link and use your mouse to see all the pictures of the coastline. You can also look for other ways …

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Kokkari on Samos island, Greece is among Europe’s 13 best hidden gems for 2016


Best European Destinations agency discovered some of the finest unknown destinations in Europe. Kokkari on Samos island, Greece is among Europe’s 13 best hidden gems for 2016. Europe has incredible destinations, which are known worldwide, such as Amsterdam and its canals, London for its shopping and museums or Paris the City …

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10 Reasons to Visit Samos


Visit Samos! Lush landscapes, endless beaches, architectural jewels and significant archaeological sites make Samos, in the southeast Aegean, a special destination. Source: 1. VATHI    Vathi, the island’s capital, biggest town and main port, may not serve as an ideal esplanade for strolling, but it does boast several worthy neo-classical buildings and …

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Travelogue to Panagia Makrini of Mount Kerkis (Photographs)

Παναγία Μακρινή - Panagia Makrini

Kerkis is a beautiful mountain. Wild, but beautiful! It’s nice to climb it, while walk all the way to Panagia Makrini is a delight! One Sunday morning, with a rented jeep, we started from Vathi towards the village of Kallithea and Panagia Makrini. We drive slowly in order to enjoy …

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Travelogue and Climbing in the Cave of Pythagoras

Η Παναγία Σαραντασκαλιώτισσα στη σπηλιά του Πυθαγόρα - The Church of Panagia Saradaskaliotissa is built in the Cave of Pythagoras

The Church of Panagia Saradaskaliotissa is dedicated to the Birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, the cave, in which the Church is built, is the Cave of Pythagoras, i.e. the actual cave in which the ancient Greek mathematician found refuge when persecuted by Polycrates, the tyrant of Samos …

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Drakei and Varsamo Beach travelogue

Varsamo beach

Who hasn’t envy Milo, Kleftiko and Sarakiniko? All visitors have admired the famous rock, which is the trademark of Milo, and the which-colored moonscape? In Varsamo, one of the most remote beaches of Samos (located below the village of Kallithea), we identified amazing similarities with the famous landscapes of Milos …

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Fournoi: Perhaps the Last Paradise of the Aegean Sea?


A Tribute to Fournoi Islands Published by the “Athinorama” Magazine (All references in taverns and rooms to let are retained unchanged) In the center of an imaginary triangle formed by Ikaria, Samos, and Patmos, Fournoi Islands live in their own untouched world. Called the “Island of Pirates”, it is actually …

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Know Samos, Quickly and Easy!

Samos map

Summer is a good opportunity for Greeks and foreign visitors to visit, know, and experience life in Samos! In this quick guide you’ll find brief but accurate information about Samos and all its places of interest. The guide is divided into three routes: the north (from Vathi to Karlovassi), the …

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The Tortuga Beach Bar is impressive and glamorous and makes the difference in day and night fun!

Tortuga Beach Bar

The “Tortuga” Beach Bar, which is located in Kambos Marathokambou, is impressive and glamorous and makes the difference in day and night fun! In fact, “Tortuga” is regarded as the “crown-jewel” of the wider Kambos Marathokambou area! Kampos Marathokambou is one of the most beautiful and most developed tourist areas …

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