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Travelogue and Climbing in the Cave of Pythagoras

The Church of Panagia Saradaskaliotissa is dedicated to the Birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary. According to tradition, the cave, in which the Church is built, is the Cave of Pythagoras, i.e. the actual cave in which the ancient Greek mathematician found refuge when persecuted by Polycrates, the tyrant of Samos (Polycrates accused Pythagoras of trying to corrupt the youth of Samos).

Another account of the story is that the cave was used by Pythagoras when he wanted to be alone and to think over the issues that preoccupied him, before his departure for Croton of Sicily. Panagia Sarantaskaliotissa is a Church of the 11th century, in which valuable frescoes are well preserved.

We visited the cave by climbing the 140 steps leading to the “eagle’s nest” that you can see in the photographs.

At the end of the route we reached the twin cave, Panagia Saradaskaliotissa on the left and the Cave of Pythagoras on the right!

We felt awe when we stood where the great Samian mathematician used to develop his complicated thoughts and considerations on mathematics, music, integers and the harmony between them…

And we submit to you the classic problem that came to our mind, in a variant suited to the location: “What is the probability with a single breath to swallow just a molecule of Pythagoras’s last breath, before leaving the cave?” Answer: The probability is 99,99%!


See the photographs taken during our visit to the Cave of Pythagoras

A video of the Cave 

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