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Drakei and Varsamo Beach travelogue

Who hasn’t envy Milo, Kleftiko and Sarakiniko? All visitors have admired the famous rock, which is the trademark of Milo, and the which-colored moonscape?

In Varsamo, one of the most remote beaches of Samos (located below the village of Kallithea), we identified amazing similarities with the famous landscapes of Milos Island (located in Cyclades!). But it is even better since the pebble beach with the thousands of colors attracts you and “call” for you to see them!

In Varsamo (or Balsam in English) we made a stop for swimming, after an organized excursion in Kallithea and Drakei (Drakaiei).

Our decision to visit the “mountainous” regions of Samos was made because we wanted to see and enjoy the famous vegetation in the road from Kallithea to Drakaiei. We also wanted to get information in order to plan future excursions towards Panagia Makrini of Kerkis Mountain and the route from Drakei to Karlovasi via the beaches of Mikro and Megalo Seitani!

Indeed the vegetation on the way to Drakaiei is impressive! Kerkis Mountain is “hanging” abnormally over the snaky road, while out of each and every rock pine trees are grown and cover every inch of the landscape!

 On the way to Drakei

Drakaiei is a small and picturesque village, which suddenly appears out of the dense vegetation surrounding the area…. It is very clean but somehow neglected (as the inhabitants claim), while seems “desperate” to accommodate you… perhaps to “amuse” its “loneliness” or to indicate and underline its very existence…

At the edge of the village the view is impressive. The eye “caresses” the wild landscape and overlooks the Aegean Sea and its deep green color. In the edge of the village is located the road that leads to Mikro and Megalo Seitani Beaches. A small sign confirms it!

Pictures taken from Drakei Village

After walking and exploring the village and buy some provisions (water and snacks), we walk down the dirt road (as it shows in the built-in map, on the right hand side with the red line) which led us to the beach (the distance is some six kilometers). The dirt road starts shortly after Kallithea Village (a sign marks the way with the words “Agios Isidoros”). Roughly two kilometers away is a junction. Take the left road (i.e. follow the towards “Beach Varsamo” sign).

The road is difficult and requires attention, but the experience of Varsamo Beach is unique and will reward your effort!

The beach is actually a small bay with colorful sand while in both ends emerge high and steep cliffs. The steep cliffs make the landscape more imposing and wild, as it should be due to the overwhelming “presence” of Kerkis Mountain, but also due to the endless vegetation which dominates the entire area!

The sea shimmers and “invites” all visitors to her “arms” like a beautiful and cool “daughter”! In the deep the seabed is full of large stones, but this is not an obstacle at all. On the left hand side the rocks offer shelter from the sun, although you might not want to stay in the shade! The water is a great “seductress” and dives are seems the most wonderful and likely… activity!

Make sure you have plenty of fresh water available to drink and some snacks, especially if you’re planning to stay for many hours. Besides nobody goes to Varsamo Beach for a quick swim… and then goes back to work!

The sign that lead you to a tavern is… false alarm, because although there is building, yet it is deserted… (Summer 2015)

See the pictures from Varsamo Beach

See and play on line using Google Maps for more information about the area and the triangle we visited (Kallithea-Drakei-Varsamo)

Map of Varsamo

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