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Visiting the Tunnel of Eupalinos

Visiting the Tunnel of Eupalinos

Undoubtedly the Tunnel of Eupalinos, the central part of the ancient aqueduct, is an admirable achievement of engineering worth seeing, however visitors should bear in mind that: The tunnel is 1036 m. long. The average dimensions are 1,80 m high and 1,80 m wide, but in some parts the height …

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Pythagorio the island of Pythagoras! (Video)


Pythagorio is a village of Samos in Greece, located in the southeastern part of the island! The population according to the 2011 census is 1,272 residents.The name of the settlement until 1955 was Pan (Tigani in Greek language), so renamed Pythagorio from the International Organization of Pythagoreans in honor of …

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The Tunnel of Efpalinos: An Amazing Representation Video

Ευπαλίνειο Όρυγμα - Tunnel of Efpalinos

There was an architect, who managed, in the 6th century BC, to construct a tunnel some 1.036 meters long, beginning from two opposite sides, which met with no deviation at all! It is the Tunnel of Efpalinos. See an amazing representation video… The contribution of Ancient Greeks to science is …

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The Speleological Association of Samos Visit the Ancient Mine

Αρχαία Ορυχεία Μυτιληνιών - Ancient Mine participated in the visit organized by the Speleological Association of Samos (SAS) in the Ancient Mine of Mitilinioi village. The visit took place on Sunday, March 20, 2016. The event was a great success (it was followed by more than 80 people). The weather conditions were ideal, while the landscapes …

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Agiades: The Spring and the Pipeline, which Supplied the Tunnel of Eupalinos with Water

Αγιάδες. Στα θεμέλια του ναού της θεάς Αφροδίτης

The Speleological Association of Samos (SAS) organized a tour in the area around Agiades village, where a famous water spring is located, which supplied Pythagorio with fresh water, through the Tunnel of Eupalinos or Eupalion Aqueduct! Walking down the slope, leaving behind us the Ancient Mine, the path leads, through …

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Pagondas Village: A Travelogue (Photos)

Παγώνδας, άποψη του χωριού, Pagondas

Pagondas is located in the south-eastern part of Samos, some 12 km away from Pythagorio. It is a village built on the eastern slopes of Mount Bournia, at an altitude of 180 meters. Pagondas has a privileged view over the plains of Chora, the open sea of the Aegean, and …

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Public Transportation (Buses) for Samos

Τα νέα δρομολόγια της αστικής συγκοινωνίας - Public Transportation (Buses) for Samos

On Tuesday, 29 March 2016, public transportation (buses) was on the roads of Vathi (the capital city of Samos). So, an old service is applied, once again, in Samos, facilitating people and providing solutions to the traffic problems of the city. Following many years of absence, on Tuesday, 29 March …

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Samos: Huge Discounts and Great Offers this Summer!

Εκπτώσεις της Hellenic Seaways στα δρομολόγια της Σάμου

This summer officials and professionals of Samos are determined to receive tourists with huge discount packages and great offers in an effort to boost tourism. In a joint statement, the Deputy Governor of Samos Prefecture and the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Samos, declared their determination …

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Pythagorio: A Beautiful Video

Αποψη του Πυθαγορείου, view of Pythagorion

On YouTube we found and watched a beautiful video about Pythagorio (you can watch the video here). The video is about a walk in the village, starting from the main market street and ending at the Castle of Logothetis. Just watch it! The video is signed by milero1000 who notes: …

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A Travelogue to Spatharei Village (Photos)

Σπαθαραίοι. Η εκκλησία - Spatharei Samos

Spatharei (Spatharaioi) is the highest “balcony” of the Aegean Sea! We recently visited the village on the occasion of the local Carnival (called Kadi). We walked in its impressive and beautiful narrow streets and took several photos of the wonderful view. Unfortunately the weather was not suitable for photographs, so …

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