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The Exhibition of Aleksandra Domanovic in Art Space Pythagorion of Samos

For sixth consecutive year, Schwarz Foundation invites young and talented artists, from all around the world, in Greece (Samos), for one week, in order to participate to an artistic co-existence, which aims to contribute to the notion of better understanding between diverse peoples, through art.

As a platform of creative work, cultural exchanges, and musical dialogues, it brings, in Samos and on a yearly basis, Europe and Asia together.

Having presented five consecutive music festivals at the Ancient Theatre of Pythagorion (“Samos Young Artists Festival”), between 2010 and 2014, three exhibitions of international artists (Harun Farocki/2012, Slavs and Tatars/2013, Nevin Aladağ/2014) and important theatrical productions, the Hellenic-German Cultural Foundation (Schwarz Foundation) continues for the 6th year the organization of special cultural events. Concerts and exhibitions are funded by private initiatives and are actively supported by Embassies, other Foundations, Samos Municipality, and local organizations.

This summer, the Art Space Pythagorion (an ultra-modern exhibition area) will host, from July 20 to October 10, the exhibition of an internationally recognized and well known artist. It is yet another unique artistic event, following previous events that took place during past years.

This year’s guest is Aleksandra Domanovic. She belongs to the so-called “internet generation”. She was born in Novi Sad (1981), of the former Yugoslavia and she studied architecture at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) while she continued her studies at the Vienna University of Applied Arts. She currently lives and works in Berlin. Recently she was awarded the Art Viva Prize for 2014-2015.

 A Short Presentation of Aleksandra Domanovic’s Exhibition

Internet is the working place of Aleksandra Domanovic. Her work has to do and deals with digital images, process by her and then create a new narrative context. Domanovic use to work with images and information. By interfering with their meaning and arrangement the outcome is different and new historical conditions. Her works create peculiar classification systems and associative sequences, which may include personal stories, experienced by the artist, but also issues and themes concerning geopolitical conflicts or the appearance of the Internet. Finally, special reference is made to the degraded or limited role of women in the field of technological innovations.

Aleksandra Domanovic’s works have been exhibited in numerous international exhibitions, including personal and group exhibitions: in Kunstverein Hildesheim, Gallery of Modern Art (Glasgow, UK), Art Basel Miami Beach (Florida, USA), Frieze (New York, USA), Kunstlerhaus Bethanien (Berlin, Germany), Kunsthalle (Basel, Switzerland), P 74 (Lubiljana, Slovenia), Passerelle Centre dárt contemporain (Brest, France), SPACE (London, UK), Biennale (Shanghai, China), Kunsthalle (Hamburg, Germany), New Museum (New York, USA), Kunsthalle (Vienna, Austria), Kunsthalle (Dusseldorf, Germany), and West Front (Vancouver, Canada).

 For more information please visit the official website: Domanovic

 The schedule of the opening week will include a series of talks and presentations regarding the work of the artist as well as on relative socio-political issues. Detailed information is due to be announced soon in the Schwarz Foundation’s website.

 Artistic Director: Dr Andrea Lukas

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