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Travelogue to the Ampelos Village (Photos)

In a winter but sunny Sunday we visited the village of Ampelos. We like this village, as it is perched on the slopes of Karvouni Mountain. As it stands it “invited” us to take a walk in the green forest and its narrow streets…

The settlement of Ampelos is located on the north side of Samos some 25 km away of Vathi (the capital city of Samos). Is one of the oldest and most numerous village built on a mountain (i.e. Karvouni), which is one of the highest mountain of the Aegean Sea. The position of the settlement and the sharp slope, which exceeds 40%, create a natural terrace with a magnificent view towards North Aegean Sea and the nearby coast of Asia Minor.

The walk towards the village will reward and charm the visitor and satisfy any need for exploration and adventure. The hospitality of the people, the harmonization with nature and the dices of the traditional restaurants are a magnet for everybody.

But adventure does not stop … not just yet! Starting from the center of Abelos and following, as a guide, the “green trail” all the way to the caves you’ll reach the ancient mining region covered in sunlight and the waters of the waterfalls. The butterflies, the sound of the water and the songs of the birds will enchant you and lead you to the most beautiful fairytale, which only nature can offer.

Read here our experience from the waterfalls and see the photos…

Natural beauty awaits you in a rendezvous with tradition and relaxation. We are absolutely certain that you’ll experience unforgettable moments of peace.

Photos of Ampelos village taken by iSamos

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