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North east of the village Koumaradei and west of Mytilinoi, is the village of Mavratzei. The access is possible from the Chora–Koumaradaioi road, 4 km before the village.
The old name is Gaeτànkeoi from the first inhabitant, a shepherd called Gaetanos from Koumaradaioi. Years after, George Mavratzas from Chora moved there with his family and so the village was named Mauratzaioi.
Here were manufactured clay utensils, the “Mauratzaiika jugs” as they were called.
Outside the village, is the village of Gkionides and on the east is the beautiful monastery of the Holy Cross.

In the past, there were many craft industries of ceramics and other clay utensils that covered perfectly, along with the production of Karlovassi, all of the island’s needs. Today are still making clay decoratives only for the tourist market.

The village has about 400 residents engaged mostly with tourism, agriculture (olive growing) and crafts (pottery).
If you want to stay somewhere quieter there are some possibilities for accommodation, the food is very good at the traditional taverns and you can enjoy your ouzo in the old cafes of the village with good local delicacies.

Here you can see the temple of Agios Georgios and the region’s Historical Museum, housed in the building of the primary school and includes a good collection of photos related to the history of the village and the region.

In a distance of 2.5 kilometers southeast you can visit the monastery of the Holy Cross, founded in the 16th century by the monk Nile the Latino, and where you can admire on the 19th century catholic detailed wooden chancel screen, the carved wooden pulpit and the despotic throne.

Above the village, on the mountain you can see the interesting caves of Tripiovrachos and Kaplanotripa.

The faithful residents celebrate with big festivals the day of St George’s in the village and the day of the Holy Cross in the homonymous Monastery on September 14.


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