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Η πινακίδα που δείχνει την αρχή του μονοπατιού

A Travelogue to the Waterfalls of Ampelos Village

(A story by Paraskevi Pigatsioti)

In a sunny February morning, a dear friend suggested a visit to the waterfalls of Ampelos village. Ampelos has waterfalls? I wondered. How is this possible? I asked myself loudly.

Καταρράχτες της Αμπέλου - The Waterfalls of Ampelos
The Path that Leads to the Waterfalls of Abelos Village

 So, on the same day, we stood at the entrance of Ampelos village, parked our car and took the narrow path towards the waterfalls.

The untamed and virgin beauty fascinated us from the very first steps we took. All elements of nature are very vivid, yet in perfect order and harmony. Dense vegetation covers both sides and slopes of the path, which leads to a forest of chestnut, pine, and olive trees. Although it was already noon we walked in the shadow because the sun above us was covered with plants and vegetation.

Our right and left hand sides were covered by cyclamen, ivy, and wildflowers. Water sounds are heard all around from the first moment you enter the path and the closer you get to the waterfalls, water… invites you and “reveals” the way ahead…

 On the Way to the Waterfalls

Birds… birds everywhere! You have the feeling that someone follows you, but at the end you realize that is the eyes of the birds that occasionally fly above and welcomes you! Peace is immense! You do not want to talk, but listen… and smell: the soil, the wood, the wet leaves. The only cacophony is the continuous camera clicking’s, which capture in countless photographs the millions of colors.

Walking further and further in the path the landscape introduces plane trees, other aged and other younger, which hermetically seals-of the sunlight. The dried leaves cover the path and the colors in the “easel” of nature are now more diverse. In one hand the green and the fresh color of vegetation, while on the hand the brown of the dried leaves, both make you want to paint, even if you have never hold a brush before.

Streams now cross the path and we, like acrobats, move from stone to stone in strange dance slaloms. We reached the wooden staircase and looked for the waterfall. The noise of the water leads to a continuous and steep path. Climbing the staircase is easy and safe for everyone, old or young.

Καταρράκτες Αμπέλου - The signsWe met a large cave (a sign at the begging of the path indicates its existence) and, pass the cave, the big waterfall appears. We finally arrived in paradise!

Is an imposing rock, some 10 meters high, from the top of which the water falls with a big splash! The green color indicates that anything can grow here and the lake before you mirrors the nature around you.

Reaching the Waterfall!

Birds are no longer heard because water has taken over and “sing” as a second voice. Sunbeams barely reach the lake while the reflection of the sunlight “caresses” the nearby bench.

We stayed long enough in the waterfall, we took many photographs and videos from every possible and improbable angle (some are posted in the internet). Then we took the way back.

Going Back

You should pay a visit to the waterfall! We strongly recommend it! And then you can enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the traditional taverns of Ampelos village!

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