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Below and on the right-hand side of the Monastery of Spilianis,

is located, at an altitude of 94 meters, a cave called “Orygma Vrisouli” (Dimensions: 110 meters x 54 meters and Depth: 6,5 meters). It was first explored by I. Petrohilos 7/1952 [Hellenic Speleological Society (Hellenic Speleological Registry 205)].

What makes it special is the stalagmite decoration, which began to form after the extraction of the stones and over the centuries. The figures on the lateral walls are very interesting! The dominant figure is a Centaur (a mythological creature, half man-half horse). In the floor, many years ago, stalagmite formation began to form (note that it takes 100 years to form a centimeter). If you decide to visit the place make sure not to step on top of the stalagmites… Let them continue their evolution!

 (The text and the photo are courtesy of the Speleological Association of Samos “Eupalinos”).

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