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The Museum of Samian Wine

The Museum of Samian Wine is regarded as a historic and cultural “jewel” for the entire island of Samos. It was inaugurated on July 30, 2005 and since then is open year-round for all visitors, locals and foreigners alike.


In this place, before the establishment of the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos (UVCS) in 1934, operated the private winery of Golstein & Galanis Company. Later on, the UVCS used this building as a wine store (the wine was stored in the, still preserved, large wooden containers of the old winery) and as a cooperage.

The renovation of the site was made possible due to the Community Initiative LEADER II (Liaisons Entre Actions de Développement de l’ Economie Rurale i.e. Links Between Actions for the Development of the Rural Economy) and by funds provided by the UVCS itself.

 What you are about to see:

The Museum consists of several halls, which “travels” the visitor back in times of traditional wine-making and cooperage (tools used by the old coopers are exhibited in the Museum). Quite distinctive are the huge and impressive wooden containers that are well preserved to nowadays. The largest one has a capacity of 80 tons!

There are also manually-operated pumps, presses and filters, used by the old wine-makers. It is worth mentioning the manually-operated grape press, which was made in 1910, survived usage and time, and now it can be seen in the Museum. At the same hall you can also see various documents, traditional wine bottles, photographs, old office items, and scientific instrument, all made before 1934 (i.e. the year UVCS was established).

An exact representation of the cultivation of vines in terraces shows to the visitors how the vine is actually grow and develops until the time of harvest.

Visitors can also see a small part of the huge collection of medals awarded to the UVCS during its 81 years of existence.

There are also two aging cellars, one with barrels made of French oak and one with bottles. It should be noted that the UVCS operates more and larger aging cellars in other places. These two cellars are intended to make the visitor understand the wine aging process.

A photo gallery, with photographs taken before 1934, depicts the way of wine-making some 40-50 years ago (grape harvest, vilification, loading of grapes etc.).

The Museum has a conference room (a quite elegant hall), available for use by the UVCS or other individuals, companies or organizations for conferences or various other events.

Visitors have the chance to taste the wines produced by the UVCS members (wine-producers) and purchase bottles of wine if they wish so.


Opening Hours:
Admission Fees: € 2,00 (for all)
Phone Number: 2273087511

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