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Koumeika is located southeast of Marathokampos in a distance of 13 km, with newly improved roads. The village is located very close to the sea, but hidden from the hills, it does not appear at all. The prevailing opinion about the origin of the name says that is due to the first inhabitants who came from Kimi of Evia.

The main occupation of the residents is agriculture, mainly olives. In the old years, they also dealt with shipping.
At a distance of two kilometers lies the beach of Balos with remarkable tourist infrastructure and traffic.

Koumeika has two more settlements, the Velanidia and the Koumaiikon Ormos (Balo) with a total of 22 inhabitants.
Close to Koumaiika and in the area of Agios Konstantinos, are saved ruins of an ancient temple or monastery. In this location are also found at various times intricately cut tombs that contained bones.

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