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Drakaioi (Drakei) is located in the westernmost tip of Samos, north of Kallithea and southwest of Karlovassi. It is built on a secluded part of the mountain Kerkis and not associated by roadway with Karlovassi. The area is rocky, craggy and barren, but quite lush. It has very nice view to the sea in the northwest side. It is worth seeing the fantastic sunsets, especially during the summer months.

Their name is taken from the first inhabitant called Dragon and with Kallithea composed the municipality of Kalabaktasion. The words “kale buck tasi” are Turkish and mean ‘rock used by for surveillance’.

Drakaioi offer beautiful experience to visitors because of its location on the island. The residents are mainly farmers and ranchers.

 Drakaioi also own the coastal settlement of Agios Isidoros where there is a small shipyard for wooden boat and caiques. Also on the west of the village, in a location called Pirgaki, there is a watchtower that served to protect the inhabitants from the pirates.

 This place has amazing view to the sea, north and west of Samos.

The marriages that took place in this village in the old times were very unusual (as in Kallithea), since the bride was stealing the groom in the middle of the night and spending together two or three days in the caves of mountain Kerkis or in the woods. After that, the couple returned to each home and made the official wedding.
The church and attraction of the village, Agios Georgios, is one of the oldest churches on the island dating back, long before the settlement with frescoes from the 13th century.

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