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Waterfalls in Potami

Nature was generous with Samos! Although the place has suffered many fires in the past, rich vegetation, in spite of all these barbaric human interventions, has recovered quickly.

Samos combine beautiful beaches and steep mountains (besides the name Samos means high mountain), sea diving and mountain climbing, and cosmopolitan beaches and waterfalls!

In Potami (Karlovasi area), are located the famous natural waterfalls. The waterfalls have an outstanding natural beauty and form two small lakes, ideal for swimming. In recent years, many tourists, Greeks and foreigners alike, visit this unique attraction.

Wear your swimsuits and sports shoes (flip flops are not advised), grab your camera and start wandering in paradise! Walk in a path alongside the river, surrounded by threes, over wooden bridges, and next to age-old trees! From that point on, the walk continues inside the river (note that in some cases you may have to swim). The first waterfall is simple, in terms of climbing (maybe a little push in the beginning might be necessary for some, but in general climbing is easy). However, the second waterfall is more demanding! It is 3-4 meters high, while rope is available for a short climbing! If you find the right way to do it, then it is not difficult at all! (I strongly recommend a little push by a friend, strength in the hands when you grab the rope, and use your legs to balance your body when climbing!). The third obstacle is a relatively tall, water free, rock, in which case you need a rope. We didn’t try to climb! We just had seen enough magical images, enjoyed our adventure and laughter, we took many photos and “heroic” videos, so we decided to take the road back (a slightly rough path alongside the river). We ended up in Potami beach, where we got refreshed and revitalized, thereby writing down the end of this wonderful experience!

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