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The Waterfall of Ampelos Village: A Video made by iSamos

iSamos uploaded a video about the waterfall of Ampelos. Watch the green path, listen to the sounds of birds and water and enjoy the fall of the water in an environment covered by rich vegetation! In a previous posting you can read detailed information about the travelogue we made in …

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A Travelogue to the Waterfalls of Ampelos Village

(A story by Paraskevi Pigatsioti) In a sunny February morning, a dear friend suggested a visit to the waterfalls of Ampelos village. Ampelos has waterfalls? I wondered. How is this possible? I asked myself loudly.  So, on the same day, we stood at the entrance of Ampelos village, parked our …

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The Waterfalls of Potami

Samos doesn’t have beaches and blue seas only. As an island, someone would expect to see sand, pebbles, waves and sea… But Samos hides many-many surprises for you! Its rich nature and its high mountains have created streams, rivers, and waterfalls! Exactly! Just 3 kilometers away of Karlovasi, in “Potami” …

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Waterfalls in Potami

Nature was generous with Samos! Although the place has suffered many fires in the past, rich vegetation, in spite of all these barbaric human interventions, has recovered quickly. Samos combine beautiful beaches and steep mountains (besides the name Samos means high mountain), sea diving and mountain climbing, and cosmopolitan beaches …

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