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Samos water supply

“MATHEMATICS IS WATERED IN SAMOS”, is the title of an animated film made by T.P. Tassios, N. Mikas and G. Polyzos of the AAGTS (Association of Ancient Greek Technology Studies), funded by ATCHC (Association of the Technical Companies of the Highest Classes). The film is dedicated to Eupalinos Tunnel.

What makes the tunnel so special, many centuries after its construction, is the fact that the tunnel was dug from its two ends simultaneously. The meeting of the two tunnels below the mountain was made possible due to mathematical precision.

The positive outcome of this project was due to the knowledge of geometry, topography, geodesy and optics, well known to the Ancient Greeks, since the 6th century BC.

The only historical source for the Eupalinos Tunnel is Herodotus, who describes both the main and the auxiliary tunnel. He, impressed by what the Samians managed to build, said: “The Samian have built the most important construction projects throughout Greece”.

A small part of the aqueduct is open to the public!

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