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Samos airport history

Samos Airport

The opening ceremony of the Samos Airport was held on June 23, 1963. At first only Douglas DC-3 (“Dakota”) commercial airplanes were used to transport passengers, three times a week (ticket cost was 380 drachmas!):

1948: A decision was made to find a suitable location and built the airport.

1954: During Papagos government, technicians visited Samos in order to examine the ground, the wind direction, and to design the runway.

1959: Winter storms destroyed the initial works. Prime-Minister K. Karamanlis orders the revision of the project. As a result construction of the airport was made with modern, for the time, planning and building processes.

1960-1962: Construction of the airport.

1968: A decision was made to extend the runway.

1971: Runway’s expansion and widening completed.

1976: First charter flight was landed (May 4, 1976).

2001-2003: New terminal constructed.

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