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North of the village Chora and in a short distance from it, lays the town of Mytilinoi which, as its name suggests, was inhabited by people that came from Mytilene.
When Kilij Allis got, by sultan Suleiman, the permission to colonize Samos, Lesvos was in terrible condition. While the poor residents had to undergo humiliation and untold oppression, Kilitz Allis picked some settlers, moved them to Samos and had them reside in their own village, which took the name of their city.
From Mytilinoi passes by a stream named Chisios, who poured into the sea towards Eptastadios Strait. He crosses the village Mesokampos, which has a length of at least four kilometers and width of 2 and ends east in the beach called Psili Ammos.
In Mesokampos, there were traces from cyclopean walls and other relics of antiquity, which were found here during different time seasons.
Over Chisios, there is a marble-builted magnificent bridge of 34 meters long, 7 meters wide and 10 meters high and connects the village Mytilinoi with the city of Samos.
The bridge and the road were built under the superintendence of the Polish engineer Sotolefski.

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