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The Holy Monastery of Profitis Ilias

The Holy Monastery of Profitis Ilias, which is situated in a beautiful location o­n the North-eastern side of the island, near Karlovassi, was established by the monks Theofilos and Gregorios of the New Monastery of Chios. Its construction began in 1739.

Μοναστήρι Προφήτη Ηλία - The Holy Monastery of Prophet EliasThe architecture of the Church is that of a basilica with dome. It has a wooden temple with unique icons, dating from 1739, especially the icon of Prophet Elias (made in 1804) with its silver decoration. In the past there were remarkable frescoes dating back in 1787, small portions of which have been revealed and preserved in some places. Remarkable is also the marble tiling of the floor.
The elaborate bas-relief at the center of the floor depicts a double-headed eagle, the first human, Adam and Eve, and a human skull with cross bones. In the east side, above the outer gate of the monastery, is located the Chapel of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross.

The existing church was donated to that monastery by its owner up to 1625, Nikolaos Iakovou. Later, the surrounding building complex of the monastery, with the cells, was constructed around a rectangular courtyard. Around 1739, under the Abbacy of the monk Gregorios, according to the inscription over the gate, the Main Church, which is a single-roofed vaulted Basilica, was built following the demolition of the previous church that had stood there.

Monastery of Profitis IliasIn the main church there is a wood-carved chancel of 1739 with magnificent moveable icons. The Lar icon of Profitis Ilias is distinguished by its decorative silver-plating (1804). In the past, the church had remarkable frescoes dated to 1787, small fragments of which have been uncovered today in certain areas of the church. The marble floor tiling incorporating an artistically crafted omphalic anaglyph depiction of a sculptured two-headed eagle, Adam and Eve and a human skull with crossbones in the center, is outstanding. o­n the eastern side, above the outer gate of the monastery, is a chapel dedicated to the “Ypsoseos tou Timiou Stavrou” (The Raising of the Holy Crucifix).

The Holy Monastery celebrates o­n the 20th of July. 
Telephone: 22730-32279  

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