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Agios Konstantinos

Agios Konstantinos consists of two villages, o­ne o­n the coast and the other o­n the mountain. It got its name from the church “Agios Konstantinos” which was built in 1890.

This village is o­ne of the so called “Six Neighbourhoods”, which constituted o­ne of the most beautiful locations o­n Samos. They were all spread out o­n the slopes of Mount Karvounis, amongst elm trees, overlooking the sea below.

The other villages were: Margarites, Baleontates, Manolates, Nenedes, Ambelos, and Stavrinides.

In 1902 Agios Konstantinos had a population of 350 in the lower area and 200 in the upper area.

Today, Agios Konstantinos is a very beautiful coastal village situated in a distance of 18 kilometers north-west of the city of Samos, on the regional road to Karlovassi. It consists of two settlements, the upper and the lower Agios Konstantinos and is inhabited by 400 residents who deal mainly with agriculture and recently with tourism.

On the upper village there is the homonymous church of Agios Konstantinos which also gave its name to the village and which is hidden from the curious eyes within dense forest. The lower settlement which was built in the 19th century, is inhabited the whole year, while the older upper village is inhabited only in the summer. The two settlements are separated from each other less than 500 meters but both of them have many natural water sources and lush vegetation. The inhabitants are engaged in agriculture, mainly with vine and olive trees and in the last years are also dealing with tourism which is being developed constantly.

Agios Konstantinos attracts many visitors due to its picturesqueness, the luxuriant vegetation of the region, the relatively good tourist infrastructure and the beautiful beaches of the area. There are many possibilities for accommodation in the village and in the wide area. Traditional restaurants and picturesque seaside taverns offer very nice food of the local cuisine, but also of the rest of Greece.
Visitors will enjoy swimming at the beach of the settlement and on the nearby beaches as Kampos, Tsampou and Petalides with crystal clear waters.
Apart from the two settlements that are highly picturesque, the visitor should visit the creek of extraordinary beauty named Nightingales and walk along the wonderful nature admiring and trying to imagine the nightingales, who have given the name in the ravine, to sing sweet throughout the night. Yet, visitors can see the churches of Virgin Mary and St. Constantine in the village, and visit the nearby picturesque village Ampelos which is built on a slope and offers a panoramic view of the sea below. In the same village you will find a beautiful stone fountain that continually flow cool water.

Guests have the opportunity to celebrate with the locals, the festivals of Agia Triada, Saint Constantine (May 21) and the Assumption of Virgin Mary (August 15). Also, small boats can anchor in the small harbor.

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